Unqiush.org is upgraded

Sat 04 August 2012 by Monnand

As we menteioned in the previous update, the website of uniqush.org is now upgraded. All content in previous pages are updated and the whole website is based on static pages generated by webgen. Besides, we provide binary packages for 64-bit systems, including .rpm, .deb and .tar.gz.

Anohter news is: the uniqush organization is working now to replace the old uniqush repository under my github account. This change will not affect any function of uniqush-push, but will help us to maintain a more organized code base and provide an easy way to contribute.

By the end of August, we will release version 1.3.1, which will provide the following functions:

  • uniqush-push will support wildcast when you push some notification to subscribers. For example, you can name your subscriber as group1.sub1, group1.sub2, group1.sub3, etc. Then you can say "push message to group1.*" and the message will be push to all subscribers whose name starting from group1..
  • uniqush-push will support true multicast. Because [GCM] introduced multicast, we need to support it in native way.