Release 1.4.2

Mon 01 April 2013 by Monnand

This version is mainly a bug-fix version. See the release note for more details. I will briefly explain each point below. (This version is released on April 1st. But it is really not a joke, I promis.)

Proper stop

  • bugfix Stop on /stop. Sorry, I forgot to implement the feature after refactoring the main package. Fixed issue 9.
  • bugfix Stop on SIGTERM. Similar with issue 9. User can now stop the program by sending SIGTERM to the process. Fixed issue 8.

The previours two bug fixes implemented what I promised in the document. Due to the refactorying in version 1.4.1, this feature was not implemented, accidentally.

Nil-pointer crash

  • bugfix Fixed a nil-pointer crash bug. The program will experience a nil-pointer crash (samething as NULL pointer) under some conditions. For example, if user provides an invalid APIKEY for a GCM provider, then uniqush-push will crash when the user tries to push through this malformed provider. Fixed issue 10.

Thank you, Fabrizio! Your bug report helps me a lot on this bug.

Feeback Service in APNS

I would say this is partly supported. The next version will support Feedback Service much better. In the Feedback Service's document, it says:

You should use the timestamp to determine if the application on the device re-registered with your service since the moment the device token was recorded on the feedback service. If it hasn’t, you should cease sending push notifications to the device.

However, uniqush-push does not keep the information like creation time of each delivery point. To avoid unnecessary unsubscription, uniqush-push will check the feedback after each push operation. This is not the optimal solution and it will be fixed in the next version.