Uniqush now is receiving a growing attention from both users and developers. Some people have already contacted me personally or publicly saying they are willing to make there own contribution to uniqush. Some of them have already made a pull request on github.

It is really an hornor to receive those talent works, merge them into our repositories and make a better system through this process. To make it more efficient and less error-prone, a new document on how to make a contribution is online now. It is lighly receommended to read this document first before making any contribution to uniqush.

Some highlighted part of the document:

For all source code repositories, there are three branches:

  • master branch, contains the most recent changes, which are tested and will be contained in the next release version. Normally, the code in master branch should be compiled correctly and pass some basic test cases.
  • exp branch, contains the most recent changes, which may contain bugs, or even not be compiled. Every contribution should be made based on exp branch.
  • go1 branch (or release branch). If it is a repository contains go code, then this branch is named go1; otherwise, it is named release. As the name suggested, it contains the latest release version of the code. Please DO NOT make contribution based on this branch.

If you want to contribute your source code, please make sure your changes are based on exp branch, because we put our latest code there. It would be better to put your changed version in an individual branch or at least in exp branch, and then send your pull request on github. Before doing any work, you may want to read this document from github.

Please feel free to contribute your code, bug reports, ideas, suggests to this project. Whatever your contribution is, it is essential to us and all users in this community. We appreciate your support!