Hello World! Hello Uniqush!

Fri 02 March 2012 by Monnand

I started uniqush in Aug. 2011, when I was reading documents about push service. The idea of this project is simple: build a software as a proxy between the app server and push services, so that the server side programmer could use a simple and consistent interface to push message to any mobile device.

After about one month of development, the first functional version was online and also the web site. Once it becomes a free/open-source software project, it is more than coding work. Maintaining such a project is not a trivial work even for experienced developers. Although I did not widely announce the birth of uniqush, I did make my best effort to build a bridge between my project and my (potential) users. That is why I spend lots of time on drawing work, and hence this blog.

Interaction with users are crucial to a software project. Although github provides plenty of means for such purpose, a blog may be a simple and effective way to make announcement and get feedback immediately.

Hence, I set up this blog hoping to hear the voice from the early or potential users of uniqush. If you have any comment on this project, please let me know.