GCM is supported now

Fri 29 June 2012 by Monnand

Google announced GCM on Google IO 2012 two days before. It is a push notification service to replace C2DM.

Two days later, you can use uniqush to send notifications to android devices using GCM. The latest API document contains details on using GCM.

The latest version of uniqush now is ...

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Recent update on uniqush-push

Tue 08 May 2012 by Monnand

As I mentioned in uniqush after Go 1, uniqushd is now renamed to uniqush-push. However, it is more than a renaming work. I will review some changes on uniqush-push in this blog post.

HTTP responds more information

Users communicated with uniqushd through HTTP. Whenever a request was received, uniqushd would ...

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Uniqush after Go 1

Wed 28 March 2012 by Monnand

Today, March 28th 2012, is a big day for every gopher: Go team released Go version 1. This means Go -- both the language itself and its standard library -- is stable now. Because of this, I think it's time to move uniqush onto next stage. I would like to share ...

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Hello World! Hello Uniqush!

Fri 02 March 2012 by Monnand

I started uniqush in Aug. 2011, when I was reading documents about push service. The idea of this project is simple: build a software as a proxy between the app server and push services, so that the server side programmer could use a simple and consistent interface to push message ...

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